What we do

Automotive Refinishing

Increased productivity and reduced manufacturing costs, continuous adoption of newer technologies.

Industrial / Anticorrosive

The industrial line offers many solutions for protecting materials and surfaces from harsh environment conditions & UV Damage.

Powder Coating

Ultimate finish, is a dry finishing process that has become extremely popular, the versatile properties of powder coating make it ideal for a variety of needs.


This technology is a fundamental element in protecting your large ships, barges, super tankers, and personal watercraft, is environmentally friendly and does not use heavy metals that could poison marine life.

We offer one of the most diverse product portfolios in the coatings industry.

As your leading partner, we know that superior materials are the building blocks of exceptional coatings and paints systems. Thus, we want to make our invention power work for you – by improving your productivity, driving sustainability, ensuring reliability and co-creating future-proof businesses.


Protection, performance and durability

We are WEG Paints and Coatings System authorized distributor in USA.

New horizons and objectives of expansion, that is why we work every day to create solutions that are integral to the needs of each project.

We are the extension of WEG in the United States, and we take their years of experience and experience to each corner of the country.

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